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23 Nov, 2008

Siapa Bilang Jadi Karyawan Ngga Bisa Kaya?

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Siapa Bilang Jadi Karyawan Ngga Bisa Kaya?

Siapa Bilang Jadi Karyawan Ngga Bisa Kaya?

What is in you mind reading the above statement? Being provoked? Wondering? Or what? I was being provoked reading that statement when I saw in an alley of a bookstore. It’s a title of a book written by Safir Senduk. This book I find very useful as it gives smart ways to enable an employee like me to manage salary. Undoubtedly, everybody wants to be rich, or at least we want to be settled with our own money. The question is: can we (or I), employee, be rich? Some say that you won’t be rich if you choose to be an employee. You must to be an entrepreneur first to be so. This book exactly broadens your point of view on managing employee salary so it can generate revenue for us.

How can this book help you? There are five steps on managing salary elaborated in this book. The first one, buy and posses productive things as many as you can. Hhmmm, what is productive thing? According to this book, productive thing is thing that can generate income for us. Once reading this part, I stared to my room and counted how many of them I had. The example of this such as saving, deposits, reksadana etc. Motorcycle as well as car can be productive things if you rent them to ojek rider or driver, and then you can earn money from them. Manage your expenditure. It’s very important to make priority list on your daily expenditure. It’s much better if we can avoid deficit as it is the root of our financial problem. Put debt paying at the top priority, and then insurance, followed by daily expenditures.

Watch out with debt!!! Make sure that you know the wise way and time to have a debt. Meaning, you can lend money from bank or maybe your relatives but with certain terms. The lent money is addressed at buying productive things. Then, it’s used to purchase thing that is certainly predicted to be more valuable in the future, such as land or house. Next, you can lend money only if you really don’t have enough cash to but urgent thing, even its value will be less in the future. However once deciding to lend money, be wise on choosing with whom you will lend it and the period on repayment. Fourth, spare your money for the future post. What is future post? It’s a post that you have to be afforded in the future such as your children education expense, pension, business, and vacation or pilgrimage expense.

The last is save for the rainy day. It’s important to bear in mind the significance of protection. We never know what the future brings. So, be prepared. We may be sick, being fired, or and many things may occur. That’s why the writer of this book suggests us to have insurances. To have more than one type of insurance is much better. Then try to find another revenue generator besides from our existing job. It will be helpful if someday we get fired or our company should meet employee rationalization. Reading this book, to be rich, I bear on mind that the key is managing the salary as wise as possible. It can be applied by sparing it to create revenue and controlling the expenditure posts so deficit can be avoided. To be rich, it’s not about how much salary that we earn, but how much of it that we can spare to facilitate us making money. Written in simple style, this book is nice as well as catchy to be read while having a lunch break in the office. Have a nice reading!!!

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